The housing estate Agat - Park


The housing estate Agat- Park is a modern and unique place to live and relax. The well-planned architecutre of homes display functionality and modernity of the housing estate Agat- Park. The whole investment supplemented with greenery creates a nice and unique taste and elegance.

The EACC group shopping center’s owner located near the housing estate Agat- Park is the housing estate Agat - Park developer.

Initiators and at the same time investors know how much it means to live in a comfortable safe functional and modern house. That is why their aim was ergonomically designed Housing Estate Agat - Park with future occupants in mind to create a place not only to live but also a place of relax.

From idea through the project to realization on the 12 ha of surface area a new Housing State Agat- Park is being built including 200 high standard terraced houses.

Thanks to friendly developed green areas which total up to 2,5 ha and especially thanks to two lakes, the Utrata River flowing near the housing estate, walk paths with benches you can greatly relax and rest. Children can spend their time on the playground and sports fields.

Taking care of the education of the youngest occupants, the Housing Estate Agat -Park is located in the vicinity of primary and grammar schools in Mroków, Łazy, Nadarzyn and Tarczyn.

We should live and rest only in safe houses. The Housing Estate Agat- Park provides modern monitoring system, solid fencing and a professional 24 hour security for the 21st century.

Agate stone


Agate is a an aggregate of various forms of silica, chiefly chalcedony which is a form of quartz. The agate (achates) was named from the river Achates, now the Drillo, in Sicily..


The particular character of agate lies in its unusual internal structure(grainy or ribbon) of diferrent colours-grey, pink, brown, red and green shades predominate.

It is a fire agate which strengthens courage, flare up internal flame. It extracts what is in us-internal energy resources and builds up the self-confidence. Thanks to this stone it is easier for us to pick up the gauntlets which life put on our way.
Agate strengthens our body and spirit, evokes in us a sense of pride, builds up respect for ourselves.


Picutre: Ametist Agate with a sphere with ametist crystals


Picture. Moss agate-
Dendritic Agate

Agate is a jewel of clairvoyants, fortunetellers and mystics because it helps to develop the gift of clairvoyance. It also enables us to understand the speech of plants, animals and even a man itself. Agate teaches us how to live with other people and also teaches us the wisdom that is characterized by an adequate words choice in a conversation. This aggregate helps to accept and understand unpleasant life situations. This stone is the best protection as it helps combat depression..


„Agate was used for pearl fishing. If someone wanted to find a pearl then a rope with a stone was dropped into the sea. It was believed that a pear would attract agate and then one could only follow the line and would find the place where the pearls were hidden.

( source: http://pl.wikipedia.orwiki/Agat )

“Agate of a white pink colour is sometimes called a love stone because given in an engagement ring it ensures lasting affection and prevents betrayal in love “

“ Green agates with yellow spots are talismans of abundance, help to attract more prosperity and material wealth. Green agate is also a talisman for farmers as it ensures successful harvests.

( source: )

“Since ages agate has been used for healing. It may help alleviate fever, gastric ailments, headaches and watery eyes. It strengthens reproductive organs.
It activates the self- healing process of an organism. It can be placed on aching place.

(source: )

“Wonderful signet rings, talismans, lockets as well as furniture come from the Baroque period. Nowadays, agate is also willingly used in decorative and statuary art. The belief that agate has a beneficial and even magic influence prevailed among people of different cultures .
According to some sources from the Roman Empire period, agate was to be amazingly effective towards spiders and scorpions. Some types of this mineral when burning in the fire gave off the smell of myrrh. Many types of neurosis were treated through direct contact with a “beneficial stone” including eye diseases, for instance by concentrating your eyesight on the stone its aim was to alleviate the eye pain and console nerves. Kept in the mouth alleviated thirst. As far as warriors and soldiers were concerned it kept them up and gave more courage and power to fight.

( source: )



Agate stone gallery

Landscape Agate


Polytype Agate





Mixed Agate


Fortification Agate

Other Agates
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